Payment Information

Rates begin at $35. Payment is expected upon completion of service. I accept in the form of cash or credit card. If using a credit card a 3,5% fee will added to your invoice.

Vaccination record & Safety

Before service begins I require proof of your pet’s current vaccination records to insure everyone’s safety. Additionally, although every effort will be made to keep your pet safe, happy, and comfortable, additional charges may be incurred for aggressive dogs. Finally, if during grooming I discover other health problems that require immediate medical attention and you are unavailable for contact, then I transport your pet to a veterinarian at your expense.

Transportation Fee & Cancellation

My transportation fee starts at $20-30 depending on location. Although I do not charge for cancellation, if you cannot keep your appointment, please contact ma as soon as possible so that we can reschedule. Additionally, if I am unable to keep the appointment due to inclement weather, illnes, equipment failure etc., then I will call to schedule a new date of service.

Excessive Dematting

For dogs whose coats have been neglected and/or require excessive dematting, I will require an additional charge. Please keep in mind that excessive dematting is time-consuming, costly, and may cause discomfort to your pet. Thus, if dematting your pet is not possible, then I will do a complete shave-down of your pet’s coat. Clients are responsible for the condition of their dog’s coat and I am not responsible for adverse eactions to dematting or shave downs.

Please call us at 609 532 52 98

We accepting new clients however only on 4,5,6 or 8 week repeating schedule.